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Booking Terms And Conditions



In this agreement the following words will have the meanings referred to below, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

  1. Safari Pro” means a travel adviser employed by CSC;
  2. The Agreement” means the Customer Booking Form (defined below)and the applicable Customer Quotation read with these Terms and Conditions;
  3. Customer Quotation” means the online itinerary or form sent to you by CSC, indicating the estimated prices of the travel products and services that you wish to purchase;
  4. the Customer Booking Form” means the form completed by you and submitted to CSC confirming your acceptance of the Customer Quotation
  5. CPA” means the Consumer Protection Act, 2008;
  6. Day” means a calendar day;
  7. Departure Date” means the date on which you start your travels,as indicated in the Customer Confirmation Form;
  8. Deposit” means the monies payable by you to CSC to secure your booking;
  9. Force Majeure” means any extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties, including but not limited to, whether actual or threatened, war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, epidemics and fire;
  10. CSC” means The Chartered Safari Club (Pty) Ltd, a private company, registration number: 2022/708355/07 duly registered in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa, carrying on 88 Coleraine Dr, Riverclub, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2196 with VAT Registration Number: 4260196938.
  11. Involuntary change” means a change/s to a booking caused by, scheduled airline failure, bad weather, airport or airline strikes and all other Force Majeure;
  12. in writing” means written communication sent to CSC by recorded delivery post or by email.
  13. Your/Your” means the client described on the Customer Booking Form.
  14. Voluntary change” means changes requested by you that do not constitute an Involuntary Change which may result in additional costs including but not limited to cancellation, amendment and administration fees and cost of new services;
  15. Overbooking displacement” means cancellation or rescheduling of a service by a service provider due to a supplier booking error;
  16. Parties” means both you and CSC;
  17. Supplier” means a third party who supplies you with travel services, including but not limited to airlines, transfer companies, car rental companies, tour operators, hotels and suppliers of accommodation;
  18. Supplier Schedule Failure” means a Supplier’s failure to provide you with travel services as per your booking, including but not limited to an Overbooking Displacement;
  19. Scheduled Airline Failure” means an airline’s failure to operate at all or to operate according to the flight schedule for reasons including but not limited to technical failure or weather conditions;
  20. Service fee” means the portion of your Total Confirmed Price that covers the services provided by CSC including but not limited to booking services, administration, communication, amendment, cancellation and bank charges.
  21. Total Confirmed Price” means the total cost of services rendered to you on behalf of CSC or by CSC,asindicatedintheCustomerConfirmationForm;
  22. Expressions in the singular also include the plural, and vice versa; and
  23. Pronouns of any gender include the other gender



  1. In order to confirm your booking, you need to make the following payments to CSC:
    1. 30% Deposit at the time of booking, except scheduled air travel, which requires 100% payment upon booking as tickets have to be issued simultaneously, and villa bookings which require 50% deposit;
    2. Final balance due 60 days prior to travel;
    3. 100% Of the Total Confirmed Price for bookings made less than 60 days prior to departure, greater deposits may be required in instances of specialist product and/or peak season travel.
  2. If the above payments are not received as indicated, CSC will be unable to confirm the booking for you.


  1. You will be liable for the Total Confirmed Price, less any payments made by you plus any additional charges due to booking changes that may be charged as explained in clause 4 of this Agreement.
  2. All clients agree to transact electronically with Chartered Safai Club (Pty) Ltd incorporated in South Africa.
  3. All payments must be made by credit card, internet transfer (electronic funds transfer) or telegraphic transfer (SWIFT). Payments are normally cleared within five business days. Cash and travellers cheques are not accepted.
  4. If you fail to make the payments on or before the due date, your booking will be cancelled and you will forfeit the relevant deposit paid in terms of clause 1 above.


  1. All Customer Quotation Forms and Customer Confirmation Forms generated by CSC are based upon external supplier costs such as air fares, airport taxes, fuel surcharges, accommodation, car hire, park fees and gate fees which are outside of the control of CSC. These supplier costs are therefore subject to change until final payment has been received or in the instance of air travel, until air tickets have been issued.
  2. You agree that should any such costs increase, such an increase will be for your account and shall be payable to CSC or as otherwise instructed by CSC.
  3. You also acknowledge that:
    1. Airlines reserve the right to levy additional or increased airport taxes and fuel charges – without notice – at any stage prior to flight and any such costs increased as a result of an increase affected by the airline will be for the Client’s account and shall be payable to CSC or as otherwise instructed by the airlines;
    2. Road transportation companies such as transfer and car rental companies reserve the right to levy additional charges due to fuel price increases and/or government road levies – without notice – at any stage prior to and any such costs increase as a result of an increase affected by the road transportation company will be for the Client’s account and shall be payable to CSC or as otherwise instructed by the road transportation company;
    3. Government/National Bodies, concession owners and other such parties involved in the running of private or public natural parks reserve the right to levy additional or increased park fees – without notice – at any stage prior to arrival and any such costs increased as a result of an increase affected by such parties will be for the Client’s account and shall be payable to CSC or as otherwise instructed by such parties.


  1. CSC will make every effort to adhere to the confirmed itinerary. However, where Involuntary Changes are significant – such as change of accommodation or transportation – CSC undertakes: 
    1. To provide a reasonable alternative at no additional cost, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the relevant Supplier;
    2. In the event that you reject the reasonable alternative provided or should a reasonable alternative not be available as per 4.a.i above, to refund you the monies arising from the Involuntary Changes, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the relevant Supplier.
  2. In the event of refunding you, to assist you in identifying alternative services, subject to all additional costs for the alternative services being for your account.
  3. Should you wish to make a Voluntary Change to your booking, CSC will use its best endeavours to accommodate you. However, CSC reserves the right to charge the applicable cancellation fees referred to in clause 7 as well as an additional administration fee of R300.00 per person per booking amended together with any additional costs arising from the Voluntary Change, including those charged by the relevant Supplier.


  1. All Travel Deals and Discounted Rates advertised on the CSC website or quoted in the Customer Quotation Form have separate Terms and Conditions prescribed by the Supplier of the relevant goods and/or Services. It is your responsibility to obtain such separate Terms and Conditions as you will be bound by them.


  1. All vouchers, receipts and tickets issued by CSC to you are subject to the supplier’s Terms and Conditions. 
  2. Participation in any tour or travel package arranged by CSC and provided by any of its Suppliers (including but not limited to transportation to or from any venue) is undertaken at your own risk.
  3. You indemnify CSC and its directors, employees, assignees and/or agents against any claim arising for any damages or loss which might be instituted against it arising from or connection with the services contemplated in these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Client, his/her heirs, dependants, agents, executors or their assignees hereby irrevocably waive any claims which they may have against CSC for any form of compensation for damages which they may suffer due to injury and/or loss of any nature whatsoever, which includes accidents caused by the Client’s own actions, injuries or death while on the tour, in a transportation vehicle or at any place during the tour or illness or death at any time after the tour.
  5. CSC acts solely in the capacity of an agent for third parties and as such CSC holds themselves free of responsibility or liability for any delays, loss or damages from any cause whatsoever including loss/delay/damages/dissatisfaction caused by third party products and services. CSC shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any claim whatsoever as aforesaid, the Client acknowledging that, in the case of a defective product, it is unreasonable to expect CSC to have discovered the product failure having regard to CSC’s role in arranging access to the third party products and services on behalf of the Client.


  1. Should there be any enroute changes or delays as a result of compliance with the requirements of international law or national legislation or subordinate legislation, you and your passenger’s changed requirements, unserviceability of the aircraft beyond  one’s reasonable control, safety of the aircraft, its crew and passengers, and additional expenses arising from such changes and/or delays (excluding costs of repairing the aircraft, but including the costs of arranging an alternative aircraft), such shall become payable by you in addition to the quoted price .
  2. Flight and Duty, all flights are subject to SACAA and operator FDP requirements.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited on all flights.
  4. Industry and Aviation Related Fuel Price Increases/Validity of Quotation, should a quotation be provided long in advance and industry related price increases be experienced, the quotation may have to be revised; (more than 30 days).
  5. Dangerous Goods as per the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations must be declared.  Goods delivered and incorrectly packed and without the correct documentation will not be allowed on the chartered aircraft.
  6. This quotation is subject to the correct fuel being available at the destination, or enroute.
  7. The above quotation is subject to daylight operating hours only, unless otherwise agreed to, or unless the destination airport is fully equipped with night landing facilities.
  8. Personal baggage shall be limited to a maximum of 15 kgs per person (small, soft bags only).  Excess baggage will only be permitted if approved and arranged with Flight Operations 48 hours prior to departure.
  9. The client acknowledges that all applicable health, exit, entry, tax, visa, customs and other legal and statutory formalities to be complied with by aircraft passengers are not the responsibility of CSC.  The client hereby indemnifies CSC from any claim or damage which may be suffered from the flight, other than claims or damage caused by CSC’s staff negligence or willful misconduct.
  10. Loss of Luggage, CSC cannot and will not take responsibility for the loss of personal items which may be left on-board our aircraft during and after completion of the air charter service.


  1. In the event that you cancel your booking, in full or partially, for any reason whatsoever CSC will levy cancellation charges as defined in Section C below. In the occasional instance where CSC is able to obtain waivers of cancellation fees and/or secure an ex gratia refund from suppliers, CSC will pass this onto you less the Service Fee. However, CSC makes no guarantees as to securing such waivers or refunds.
  2. Cancellations of bookings must be done in writing. Where cancellations are sent by email, you must obtain an e-mail proof of receipt and retain written acknowledgement of receipt from CSC.
  3. Cancellation of bookings:
    1. 61+ days before departure: deposit non-refundable. 
    2. 0-60 days before departure :100% cancellation fee.
  4. CSC will make every effort to confirm the required services after deposit payment. In the unlikely event of us being unable to confirm the itinerary travel services – you will be offered alternative available travel services. Should the alternative available travel services not be acceptable to you – we will provide a full refund.
  5. CSC will make every effort to ensure delivery of services as defined in the confirmed itinerary, however we reserve the right to cancel services where unavoidable due to circumstances beyond the control of CSC. In the unlikely instance that CSC should cancel services defined in the confirmed itinerary, CSC will provide a full refund on the cancelled service/s only. 
  6. CSC will make every effort to avoid misquotation. However, we reserve the right to cancel a reservation without liability or penalty if an obvious error or omission leads to a material cost implication.
  7. No refunds will be given by CSC for partly used vouchers or for no-shows.


  1. Any complaints should be telephonically reported to CSC at the time of the incident and should be followed up in writing to CSC, and marked for the attention of the Customer Service Manager no later than 30 days after the Incident has occurred.
  2. Complaints should be forwarded to P.O. Box 771, Cramerview, 2060, Johannesburg, South Africa or alternatively via email to customercare@CSC.com.
  3. CSC will acknowledge your complaint and endeavour to investigate it with the relevant service provider within a 30 day period after which it will provide you with written feedback.
  4. Although CSC will make every effort to assist in the resolution of the complaint, it cannot guarantee the satisfactory resolution of complaints for services and products outside of its control and for which it is not responsible.



  1. All airlines require the full names of passengers as stated in their passports.
  2. After airline tickets have been issued, any changes will be subject to the relevant airline’s Terms and Conditions applicable to that fare type.
  3. It is your responsibility to check and correct any errors in respect of your flight reservations which appear on the Customer Confirmation Form and Customer Booking Form. CSC accepts no liability for incorrect details provided by you.
  4. Airfares are only guaranteed once final payment has been received and the air ticket has been issued.
  5. If any airline levies additional or increased airport taxes and fuel charges at any stage prior to your flight, you agree that such an increase will be for your account and shall be payable to CSC or to the airline if instructed to do so.
  6. You must reconfirm all onward and return flights with the relevant airline at least 72 hours prior to your flight.
  7. CSC cannot guarantee any airline’s eating or meal requests. However, CSC will endeavour to assist you in this regard.
  8. All of your baggage and personal belongings are your responsibility at all times. CSC will not accept any liability for your misplaced baggage or any loss or damage to your baggage or personal effects.
  9. Should you cancel your air ticket, the cancellation will be subject to the relevant airline’s Terms and Conditions applicable to that fare type.
  10. Should a refund be granted by the relevant airline, it may be subject to a delay. CSC will only be obliged to refund any amounts once it receives them from the relevant airline.
  11. Air tickets which are unused for more than 1 year from the date of their issue are considered as expired and must be submitted to the relevant airline for their authority to refund. CSC will make every effort to assist you in obtaining this refund, but cannot provide you with any guarantees in this regard.
  12. CSC will provide you with an e-ticket reference number together with a full itinerary, once the air ticket has been fully paid for.
  13. In the event of a Voluntary Change, you will be responsible for the difference in all applicable fares and taxes.


  1. You must ensure that you meet the baggage regulations of the airlines being used. CSC recommends that you seek the advice of its Safari Pros. However, you’re mainly responsible for ensuring you meet the baggage regulations of each airline and charter company you travel with.
  2. In particular, light aircraft flights have extra-ordinary baggage regulations which include, but are not limited to weight, structure and shape. CSC recommends that you seek the advice of its Safari Pros.
  3. If you do not adhere to the relevant baggage regulations, the transfer of your baggage may be delayed and/or transferred at an extra cost to you.


  1. You must ensure you meet the necessary travel documentation, permit and/or visa regulations of the countries you intend to enter, transit or visit. CSC recommends that you seek the advice of its Safari Pros. However, you’re mainly responsible for ensuring you meet these regulations.
  2. Your passport must have a sufficient number of blank visa pages available in accordance with the regulations of various African countries. A minimum of 2 (two) adjacent blank pages per country to be entered, transited or visited is recommended.
  3. Your passport must be valid for the prescribed period contained in the applicable regulations of the countries you will be entering, transiting and/or visiting. A minimum of 12 (twelve) months after the travel date is recommended.
  4. If you are travelling alone with a minor/s (i.e. child/children), you will need to provide a letter of consent from the absent parent/s that the children are allowed to travel with you.


  1. You must ensure that you meet the immunisation, inoculation and medication regulations of various African countries. CSC recommends you seek the advice of its Africa Safari Pros and review the guidelines displayed on its website relating to immunisation, inoculation and medication regulations. However, you’re ultimately responsible for ensuring you meet the immunisation, inoculation and medication regulations requirements of each African country you visit.
  2. It is your obligation to ensure that you are medically fit to travel.


You agree to purchase comprehensive travel insurance at the time of your booking. You acknowledge that without such travel insurance, you will be responsible for all costs arising from any cancellation, rerouting or rescheduling of your trip or any emergency (medical or other) that may arise during your travels. As agreed in clause 6, you agree that in the event of you failing to purchase adequate insurance cover, you will not hold CSC responsible for any harm or loss that you may suffer.


  1. As part of your travel package, CSC has secured supplier default insurance. This cover is not meant to replace the comprehensive travel insurance recommended above. Instead, it provides financial protection (up to a maximum sum) in the event that a third party supplier (as declared and accepted by the insurance providers) is unable to provide its services or products due to its own financial failure and that the losses incurred by you as a result cannot be recovered by any other means.
  2. The full Terms and Conditions and exclusions pertaining to this commercial supplier failure insurance cover are available here. Please be sure to read these Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure that you understand the extent and conditions of the cover.
  3. Subject to the Terms and Conditions referred to above, the supplier default insurance cover includes:
    1. Any financial losses suffered as a result of pre-departure cancellation by a third party supplier where it is impossible to replace that element of your trip, or;
    2. In the event that it is possible to replace the cancelled element of your trip, then the cost of replacing that element, or;
    3. The cost of repatriating you to your original point of departure where your trip is curtailed in the event that it is impossible to replace the unavailable travel component.
  4. In addition to the exclusions contained in the full Terms and Conditions, the supplier default insurance cover excludes:
    1. Losses which are recoverable under other insurance cover;
    2. Losses where the supplier was in financial failure already at the time of your travel booking;
    3. Losses arising from any travel arrangement not booked through CSC.
  5. In order to qualify for this insurance cover, you need to notify CSC within 3 (three) months of the relevant incident of your intention to make a claim and provide the evidence necessary to support a claim.



  1. No amendment, addition or consensual cancellation of this Agreement will be binding unless it is recorded in writing.
  2. These Terms and Conditions together with the Customer Booking Form and the Customer Quotation contain all the Terms and Conditions of the agreement between you and CSC. Make sure that everything you have a greed to has been recorded in this Agreement. If there is any conflict between provision of these documents, the provisions of the Customer Booking Form will prevail.
  3. If any provision of this Agreement is found by a court of law to be invalid or void, such provision will be severed from the remaining provisions, without affecting the remainder of the agreement.
  4. Neither Party shall lose any of its rights under this Agreement if it does not immediately and in every instance insists on them.
  5. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa and shall be enforced by the courts within the Republic of South Africa.
  6. You consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court, notwithstanding the fact that the amount involved may exceed the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court.
  7. If CSC has to bring legal proceedings against you to enforce payments of amounts owed to it, you shall be responsible to pay all costs CSC incurs in collecting the payment.
  8. You shall not be entitled to cede any of your rights or assign any of your obligations under this Agreement.
  9. If CSC is prevented from carrying out all or any of its obligations under this Agreement because of an event beyond its control, CSC shall be relieved of its obligations under the Agreement during the period that such event and its consequences continue, but only to the extent so prevented and shall not be liable for any delay or failure in the performance of any such obligations or loss or damages which you may suffer due to such delay or failure.
  10. Updated versions of this Agreement may be sent to you from time to time as and when our policies and procedures change and when external factors such as legislative updates require. Please make sure that you read these amended Terms and Conditions carefully and raise any queries that you may have.


  1. The Parties choose the following physical addresses at which documents in legal proceedings in connection with this Agreement may be served (i.e. their domicilia citandi et executandi) and at which any written notice in connection with this Agreement may be addressed:
    1. CSC: 88 Coleraine dr, Riverclub, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2196
    2. You: The address provided by you on the Customer Booking Form.
  2. Either of the parties may change this address to another address, by way of a notice to the other party to this Agreement, provided that such a notice is received at least 7 days prior to such a change taking effect.


  1. CSC undertakes to take all reasonable and necessary steps to protect your personal information.
  2. You authorise CSC to electronically record and store the following information for the purposes of communicating information requested by you and in order to provide you with access to restricted pages on the CSC website and related websites:
    1. Your full name and surnames;
    2. Your contact telephone numbers; 
    3. Your electronic mail address;
    4. Your IP address;
    5. Your user selected username and password;
    6. Your non-personal browsing habits and click patterns;
    7. Your profile information; and
    8. Your travel information.